The DTSA Farmers’ Market celebrated its One-Year Anniversary this month. And when I found out my friends (who also happen to be phenomenal chefs) were going to be hosting a benefit dinner at Little Sparrow to celebrate, I knew I had to be there with my camera to show my support. Managing Director of the DTSA Farmers’ Market, Chef Kerri Annick Cacciata, together with Chef Eric Samaniego of Little Sparrow and Chefs Michael Puglisi and Richard Lu of Electric City Butcher collaborated for this four-course, market-inspired dinner.


Not only did they showcase gorgeous Gaytan Family Farm produce in innovative ways, but they also used ingredients provided by market vendors and supporters such as BREAD Artisan Bakery, Life is Sweet Bakeshop, Nuvo Olive Oil, Hampton Family Ranch Nuts, Bee Green Honey, and Pernicious Pickling Co.  Of course the results were nothing short of drool-instigating deliciousness – all benefiting the Farmers’ Market (which is free to attend, but needs a lil’ capital to keep it running smoothly every week.) Below is a behind-the-scenes recap-through-photos from the evening. Be sure to check out the DTSA Farmers’ Market every Thursday from 4-8pm on the Spurgeon Promenade – located between 3rd and 4th Street (directly in front of the Yost Theater).

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