• On-Site Restaurant Food Photography
  • Prop Styling
  • Photo Editing

“Simply put, Anne is incredible, as a professional and equally as a person. Her work captures the essence of food and drink in its truest form, resulting in photography that captivates the viewer and tells a story.”

– The Puesto Team

About the Client

Puesto was in search of the right photographer who could team up with their in-house marketing team to realize the owners’ vibrant vision. The images needed to be a particular kind of spectacular to capture the vitality of their cuisine and act as the foundation for marketing materials the whole company could proudly promote.

About the Project

I work with Puesto’s in-house marketing team several times a year to create imagery for each new menu. With the help of the onsite Director of Brand Strategy and Director of Brand Design, we create a library of images that they can use for upcoming advertising, social media, and public relations. Whenever a pitch goes out to the media, our shoots ensure that they have a relevant source of images to utilize. Collaborating with a team of brilliant minds at Puesto on a regular basis is just one of the highlights of what I do.

The Results

A consistent source of relevant and current media images.

Image Use

  • Print Advertising

  • Online Advertising

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media

Images & Process