Hass Avocado Board

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“I’ve been working with Anne since 2015 and she is the most organized, talented photographer who has a very keen eye for detail. We see eye to eye when it comes to what makes the photo visually appealing which makes it easy for me given I’m one of those clients who value perfection. She has a great attitude and is super easy going. She also has a variety of props and backdrops to choose from to keep your photos look different from others. She has done not only food photography and styling for me, but also shots at the grove and lifestyle photos as well.”

-Gina A. Widjaja, Director of Marketing & Communications, Hass Avocado Board

About the Client

The Hass Avocado Board needed images of a variety of dishes featuring beautiful avocados. This means they needed someone (or a team) who could not only photograph their product, but also execute specific recipes and style the food prior to taking the actual photo.

An Evolving Collaboration

When we first began working together, I would meet their creative team and a food stylist at a local studio in Orange County. Together, we created and styled beautiful dishes for my camera. But when in-person shoots became impossible in 2020, we developed a new system to continue producing the photos they needed for their marketing.

My traditional photography service transformed into an all-inclusive program designed to get my client what they needed. Hass sends specific recipes for remote shoots; then I cook, test, style, shoot, and edit the images. My diverse personal prop closet has come in quite handy as well. In the end, Hass receives images styled to match what we had be doing when we shot together in person.

About the Process

As a photographer, I love collaborating with a full creative team; however, 2020 called for a new approach. Created out of necessity, we have a streamlined remote process with the added bonus of a smaller budget because there is no expensive travel budget needed to fly out an agency’s team. Instead of a physical presence, I handle the pre-production setup and styling while client approval happens over the phone. Remote shooting will never fully replace working with a talented team of cooks, stylists, and art directors in person, but this new inclusive process has been a great alternative when in-person shooting was not possible.

The Results

A streamlined process that saves the client time, money, and stress.

Image Use

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