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“From start to finish, Anne takes any idea and brings it to life with such beauty and ease. Whether it’s prop selection, styling, even cooking dishes, and of course photographing, Anne goes above and beyond. There’s a reason she wears her signature apron at shoots, because she focuses on even the smallest of details and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for the perfect shot. Anne possesses something you can’t always teach, a real gift: anything she puts her hands on she makes better than it was before.”

– Sydnie Goodwin, Creative Director, San Diego Magazine

About the Client

San Diego Magazine was doing a story on recipes you can make at home, as a curation of favorite recipes from San Diego’s top chefs. Born out of the pandemic, this was an excellent way to bring the publication’s culinary section home to San Diegans in quarantine. They needed a photographer who could cook and test these recipes prior to shooting them. Plus, the images needed to make ‘home cooking’ have a restaurant quality feel to them.

About the Project

Since this was an editorial shoot, each shot is about more than just capturing the actual dish I am shooting. When I’m working with a magazine or an advertising agency, I shoot with editorial layouts in mind. By seeing the end result as I’m shooting, it allows me to leave enough negative space for the editor to arrange the layout.

Art Becomes Life

After delivering images for the five completed recipes, the editors asked if I would develop a recipe of my own to include in the story. I was honored to be included in a project I had loved, so I cooked up a grilled peach and watermelon bruschetta with honey and ricotta, and took some photos to add to the collection. You can check out the August/September 2020 issue of San Diego Magazine to see how it all came together.

The Results

Editorial images highlighting a variety of recipes with a consistent visual aesthetic.

Image Use

  • Print Magazine – Feature Story

Images & Process