This Summer here on the Anne Watson Photo Blog we shared with you a photographic feast of the new Anais+Raya Culinary Collective that was launched in July by Chef Raya Belna & Special Eats OC’s Anais Tangie. And while their weekly Sunday Farmers’ Market Feasts have continued to thrive as a fantastic option for home-cooked, farm-to-table Sunday evening meals, even more dining options have been added to the Anais+Raya repertoire in recent weeks that were too cool not to share.

Both Anais & Raya have been up to things – creating culinary masterpieces that showcase each of their talents. Chef Raya has launched the new Wildcraft Elixir Bar along with Diviana Alchemy’s Julia Corbett. Located inside the Anais+Raya Culinary Collective, this Superfood Elixir Bar offers RAW Vegan lunches & snacks, superfood juices & smoothies and much more. We’ll have a full blog on Wildcraft coming up shortly. (I am currently on Day 2 of a Wildcraft 3-Day Fall Juice Cleanse and can’t wait to share photos of these beautiful juices & tell you about this amazing experience!)

Meantime, I have also had the pleasure of experiencing Anais’ culinary talents in recent weeks, and… WOW. In addition to Sunday Farmers’ Market Feasts and Private Catering, Anais is offering evening Farmers’ Market Dinners on Mondays & Wednesdays from 5-8pm that are available for dine-in or take-out, no reservation required. And, she also offers Private Dinners at the Culinary Collective that can be prepared & served for up to 15 guests by reservation only. It is perfect for an inviting, intimate dinner party – all the delicious, farm-fresh SoCo Farmers’ Market food you can eat while you sit back & enjoy with your guests.

Below is a lil’ peek-through-pictures of an incredible private dinner that Anais catered for myself and a handful of our friends in August. It was a fantastic experience – the wine flowed while we feasted on gorgeous SoCo Farmers’ Market produce & outta-this-world Da-Le Ranch sausages, Ribeye steaks & bacon. Visit now to make your reservation. Bon appetit!

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Left: A refreshing Brazilian Batida cocktail made with SoCo Farmers’ Market Stone Fruits | Right: Anais Tangie of Special Eats OC, SoCo Farmers’ Market & the Anais+Raya Culinary Collective
Da-Le Ranch Sausages with Whole Grain Mustard | Basil Pesto Dipping Sauce with Fresh-baked bread
So simple & delicious – this was one of the tastiest salads I’ve ever eaten. Heirloom tomatoes topped with sprouts tossed in a lemon-herb vinaigrette.
Michael Harris works some delicious, buttery Spaetzle magic…
Holy Spaetzle, this was incredible!
GORGEOUS Da-Le Ranch Ribeye Steaks, getting the perfect sear
Dave Lieberman whipped-up some honey-vanilla whipped cream to top-off Anais’ grilled peaches for dessert. Yum!
Farm-Fresh Dessert = Healthy & Delicious