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“Anne has been, and continues to be, absolutely fantastic to work with. She takes the time to understand our team and the details of our product while catering to our overall business needs. A very genuine person and talented photographer, Anne considers every detail and provides phenomenal photos that work to elevate our site and marketing needs. Anne’s quick turnaround times and open communication make for launching products and marketing campaigns seamless.”

-The Wagyu Shop

About the Client

When The Wagyu Shop team first approached me, they were looking to build a consistent library of images that they could pull from for their website and social media. Their premium product has a fabulous reputation, but making raw meat look appealing in photos can be a photographic challenge. They needed a photographer who could create images that reflected the high quality of their product whilst consistently matching the elegance of their brand.

About the Images

Bright surfaces and backdrops work wonders to show off premium produce, and with the right lighting and color correction, the Wagyu beef easily steals the show. The emphasis is usually on showcasing the product on a variety of backgrounds, but I’ve also done cooking action shots to capture mouthwatering moments, like the delicate sprinkling of salt onto a beautiful cut of steak.

An Evolving Collaboration

When we first began working together, The Wagyu Shop marketing team would convene at my home studio four times a year. We quickly found a flow and a rhythm as we worked as one creative team to produce beautiful images. Collaborating with other talented creatives is one of the joys as a photographer that truly makes me happy.

When in-person shoots became logistically improbable in 2020, our working relationship effortlessly evolved. The Wagyu Shop began shipping steak instead of visiting in person, and I handled the entire creative process, instinctively understanding their needs after years of working together so closely.

From acquiring different produce, herbs, salt, and props, to styling a variety of setups that showcase their product, we have established an all-inclusive process that delivers the same results as our previous in-studio shoots.

The Results

A robust library of sophisticated imagery with the consistency needed for online marketing.

Image Use

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